Nora Gjolaj, MA

Chief Operating Officer

Nore Gjolaj


Chief Operating Officer

Nora currently practices as a temporary limited license psychologist (TLLP) with The Imagine Center for Psychological Health. She received her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy. 

She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-President for The Imagine Center. She oversees administration, programs and execution of the strategic plan of the practice, guides plans for fundraising, marketing, and community outreach strategies, and delegates administrative and clerical organization of the practice.

In a clinical capacity, Nora is a skilled therapist, utilizing insight-oriented, person-focused psychotherapy, play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) therapy, which research has shown to be an effective behavioral intervention for tics. She specializes in providing therapeutic intervention to adolescents and adults who struggle with adjustment difficulties, histories of trauma/abuse, and mood difficulties (i.e., depression, anxiety). Additionally, Nora conducts psychological assessments, developmental assessments, and neuropsychological assessments, and is an expert in the diagnosis of disorders such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

  • Temporary Limited License Psychologist (TLLP)

  • University of Detroit, Mercy, 2010– Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

  • Psychotherapy, psychological assessment, developmental assessment, and neuropsychological assessment

  • Assessments: Various ages and populations, ranging from toddler to adult. Therapy: Adolescents and adults

  • Diagnosis of developmental and psychiatric conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental delay, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Treatment of adjustment problems, mood problems, and trauma