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We would love the opportunity to further discuss our practice with you, and in particular how we might be able to be of service to your efforts with the individuals and families that you treat. Feel free to contact our Chief Development Officer, Kirsten Toth, with any further questions about our services, and how we can help develop a course of treatment and recommendations for your patients, clients, or students, and their families. We are able to provide you with customized referral pads, which facilitate easy coordination of care and referral.

Importantly, at the Imagine Center for Psychological Health we believe that it is insufficient to simply identify the sources of problems; we also are interested in making sure that once areas of difficulty are identified, that such problems are remediated. As such, we make every effort to ensure that we connect patients with all of the resources, both public and private, that are indicated, and further maintain contact with families following any/all referrals to ensure that, not only is the family receiving these services, but that the services are proving beneficial and that all problems that have been identified are being adequately addressed.

Please complete the contact form below or contact our development director directly via phone (734-931-6121), email (, or fax (313-656-4053, ATTENTION: KIRSTEN). We look forward to working with you!

If we have already established a referral relationship with you, please click here.

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